Cenote Chenxunan - Hotel Posada San Juan

Excursion to the Cenote Chenxunan

Key details of the excursion

Cenote Chenxunan - Hotel Posada San Juan

At Hotel Posada San Juan we offer unique experiences as well as personalized recommendations on what to do in the city of Valladolid and its surroundings.

Location and Transport

The Chenxunan reservation is located 60 km away from Valladolid, which is approximately 75 minutes transfer time. The tour includes transportation from Valladolid.

Cost and Group: The cost of the tour depends on the number of people. The maximum number of people we accept in your group is 12 to 14 people, including children.

It includes a delicious lunch to enjoy a splendid meal immersed in a magnificent place surrounded by nature.

Cenote of Chenxunan

It is part of a private ecological micro-reserve, which has interpretive trails that travel part of the reserve. During your walk, you will see many natural attractions, in addition to the cenote, which is beautiful.

It has comfortable facilities, and in Chenxunan, you will find very nice and comfortable facilities for your use and enjoyment.