Responsabilidad social y ambiental - Hotel Posada San Juan

Responsabilidad social y ambiental Social and environmental responsibility

At Hotel Posada San Juan we apply the best practices within our possibilities.

All our collaborators are from the local community.
We avoid the use of any single-use containers or accessories.
We have a rainwater harvesting system.
We have electricity generation through solar cells.
We have wastewater treatment.
We separate solid waste into organic and inorganic. We take the inorganic waste to collection centers where it is recycled.
We process fresh vegetable waste in our compost to generate soil that we use in our green areas.
The processed organic waste is refrigerated and later used as feed for local farm animals.
We buy most of the hotel's food supplies from local producers.
Most of the furniture has been manufactured in Valladolid.
All our cleaning products are purchased in bulk in reusable and biodegradable containers.
Toiletry products such as shampoo, soap, creams, etc. are artisanally made with local ingredients such as honey, coconut oil, and almond.
With the help of our guests, we collaborate with Amigos de Sian Ka'an, one of the most important nature conservation organizations in Mexico.
With the help of our guests, we collaborate with Escalando Fronteras, an organization that uses sports and education to strengthen life skills and prevent destructive behaviors in children and adolescents in vulnerable contexts.